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The latest article can be found at :  Homebrew in the community 7 May 2017

…This was an unmissable opportunity for me to experience a very inspirational venture, and, of course, taste a few beers….

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We do NOT have WARM beer! 26th february 2017

…Much as I really do not want to be offered truly warm beer, I dislike even more being presented with a glass with condensation forming on the outside that threatens frost bite to the touch…

Me? I’m not bitter  14th January 2017

….for me, there is something missing in the beers that are coming out of the local area. It may be that the move towards the new generation Pale Ales is (to varying degrees) a national trend, but I have found that other regions still develop good traditional style Bitters to provide a balanced range of options at the bar….

Introducing an exploration of beer in Britain  7th December 2017

….The idea of the exercise is to have some fun and promote the positives of the world of British beer; but there will be some gripes and I am keen to encourage a counter-revolution against some developments of recent years….